Spring is not my favorite season.  I am a summer and fall girl.

I love the hot humid Indiana summers, especially the nights when I can sit outside in a tank top and shorts and sip on a mojito well into the evening with no worry of a chill.  I love the fall because of the smells.  It always smells like someone is burning wood for the sole purpose of making it smell fall-y.  It’s still warm, but starts to get dry.  I love the sound of the dry leaves shaking on the trees in the wind before they fall.

Here’s what I don’t like: unending rain.  This is what spring has been for the past two years in Indiana.  Rain rain rain and more rain.  I’m done with it.  I am ready for summer.  Spring is cramping my adventurous ancestry research style.

I want to be out there stomping (or lightly walking) through cemeteries before they are overgrown.  At this point visiting such places requires rubber boots and the knowledge that you will come out caked in mud.  I want to visit the small towns where my people (and Andrew’s) are from and take pictures of their old homes.  I want to not be afraid of floating into a flooded river in my tiny car (which would totally happen with my luck).

When the weather corrects itself I will be visiting the following locales:

  • Crown Hill Cemetery – Indianapolis, IN
  • Mississinewa Memorial Cemetery – Wabash, IN
  • Darke County, Ohio – Many locations
  • Scranton, PA area (I doubt this will happen anytime this summer)

I need to start making some plans.