My name is Erin.  I have a husband named Andrew (he will be mentioned many times throughout this blog as he is the most directly affected by my choice of hobby) and a daughter named Coraline.  Andrew is a good sport.  Sometimes I feel sorry for him because he is married to me.

Me and my poor husband, Andrew.

In terms of my family background, I am the muttiest of mutts.  I could not begin to claim one heritage more than another.  There’s a lot of British Isles in there, Swiss, German, even Choctaw, and Angolan.  Yes, Angolan.  If you saw me you would never believe it.  I’m as white as white gets.  My families, since locating in the U.S., have been primarily in New England, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.  Andrew’s family has been in Indiana for a LONG time, which is actually quite delightful, seeing as that is where we reside.

If you’re interested in having your genealogical past discovered, please check out my “Services” section.  I LOVE to help.  I get very bored working on my own tree all the time.  I love to branch out.  Get it?  Branch out?  Family tree?  (sigh)