Starting June 1, 2014 I will be providing services for genealogical research.  If you are interested in just generally expanding your knowledge of your tree, trying to find where your immigrant family left before coming to the U.S.,  or trying to break through a brick wall (particularly an Indiana-based brick wall), or even digitizing your collection, I would LOVE to help.

I have access to sites that are pay-only sites (,, and which save the client a lot of trouble and annual fees.  I am in very close proximity to the Indiana State Library, and multiple Indianapolis Public libraries.


The first hour, the personal information interview, is free. You will then receive four hours of research for a total of $75 for the first five hours.

After the initial five hours the client will receive a report of the findings and can decide whether or not to continue with the research at the continued rate of $17/hr, at a minimum of three additional hours.

Travel and other expenses: 

Much of what we learn in research is done through the assistance of people in other cities, states, or even countries.  Often in genealogical research it helps to travel to sites, cities, counties of family origin.  We are also very lucky in Indiana to have one of the largest genealogical libraries in the country, located in Fort Wayne.

If the client requests travel or other costs (photocopies, certificates, postage, etc.) those costs will be added to the total amount.  Costs for mileage will be according to the IRS-approved rate (currently .56/mile for 2014).


Below is a link to a PDF contract letter and a blank scope of work sheet.  These will need to be completed and signed before work begins.  If there is something in the contract or the scope that you have an issue with, I am glad to attempt to resolve it.

Contract and Scope Letter

Please contact me at