Surnames in My Shrub

This is not an exhaustive list, but here are many of the names in my tree, and then in Andrew’s, that I am researching.

My mom’s side: (many of these from PA) Kinsley, Smith, Lacey, Motzenbacher, Batcheler, Foster, Jones, Griffith, Pearson, Welch, Burch, Crandall

My dad’s side: (many of these from OH) Brown, Wintrow, North, Young, Ditmer, Fryman, Surber, Harnsbarger, Munn, Beam, Niswonger, Miller, Hill, Goings/Goins/Goens, Staudt, Davidson

Andrew’s mom’s side: (mostly from IN and OH) Reed, Hartsock, Roach, Sloane, Seymour, Stockman, Yazel, Hippert, Bollinger, Bausman, Crumrine, Sink, Oyler, Brady, Morts, Shroyer

Andrew’s dad’s side: (mostly from IN): Nelson, Heaton, Wood, Bastion, Galloway, Potts, Boyce/Boys, Boring, Corey, Parsons, Sparks, Hornaday, Ward, Caywood