I am a goodreads.com user.  I always have a resolution for how many books I will  read each year and last year I had great intentions.  2015 was 24 books.  I can read two books a month right?  I failed.  I read 17. FAILED.  I wasn’t even kind of close so that I could read a few books over Christmas to catch up.

Today I got onto this blog because I realized I had a few comments I hadn’t approved.  How many posts did I make this year?  One.  ONE!  2015, you’re killing me.  I get that I have a toddler who doesn’t like when I do anything except play games and play-doh with her.  Not an excuse.

I am vowing to get 6 posts in this year.  At least once every two months.

2015 was a year of feeling kind of cruddy and I let it get me down.

2016, not gonna happen.  Here it is.  Blog #1 of 2016.

Don’t worry.  I’ll do another one that’s actually about genealogy.