I apologize, but I have to blog

This wasn’t really a choice.  I decided, after explaining the wounds on my arms to 8 different people after a particularly harrowing cemetery search, that I need to just create a blog.  I could tell these ridiculous stories of adventure and intrigue to all these people aloud (although they’re really not intriguing, just ridiculous) or I could reach the masses with less pain and suffering, on everyone’s part.

I named this blog The Family Shrubbery because of an event that occurred at my place of work about ten years ago (ugh).  I was describing a member of my family, and was having a hard time explaining her relation to myself.  I think I said something like, “She’s my sister’s sister.”  This was an accurate description.  Everyone looked at me like I was an insane person and they asked me to explain.  So I drew my family “tree”.  What came out was less like a tree and more like a bush, or a shrub, but more like a row of shrubbery.  Let’s just say it fanned out more than a normal tree might.  This amused everyone and my Family Shrub stayed on the wall of our office for months.

For those of you who might come upon this blog because you’re interested in ancestry, genealogy, and/or family history I really hope you might enjoy this as well.  Please keep in mind that I am as amateur as they come.  This is a blog of my adventures and misadventures in research, travel, and family.  This is fun for me, and unfortunately not my job.

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