Sunday’s Obituary – Asa Caywood

I found this when I visited the Indiana State Library.  I love 1.) that the writer is also the man who ministered the funeral service and 2.) how delightfully flowery the language is.

Here is the tribute to Asa Caywood, a pioneer of Hendricks County, Indiana, outside of Brownsburg, Indiana. Taken from the Hendricks County Republican on Nov. 13, 1884:

Father Caywood was born in the State of Maryland in the year 1790.  From there he removed to Kentucky, and thence to Indiana in 1833, where he resided until his death.  In early life he made an open profession of his faith in Christ the Savior, and United with the Baptist Church.  Previous to his leaving Kentucky he identified himself with the Christian church.  On locating in Hendricks County in 1837 he took membership with the church at Brownsburg, where it remained until his death.  In 1856 his beloved companion was taken from him by death, and the evening of his life was spent with his son in law, Mr. Ben McDonald, where he received every kindness and attention that love could bestow.  He was the father of 13 children, 8 having preceded him to the spirit world.  For several years, on account of bolidy infirmities, he had been prevented from meeting in the public worship, but his faith wavered not, though the “eye grew dim and the natural force abated.”  His last illness was brief.  Gently as the sun descends to his western home, he, on Nov. 3, 1884, closed his long period of service at the age of 94 years.  He came to “his grave in full age, like as a shock of corn cometh in, in his season.” Services were conducted by the writer at the church at Brownsburg, after which his remains were laid to rest beside his wife, while the rainbow of immortality arches their graves.

-J.B. Ludwig

Asa Caywood's headstone in the middle of a stand of trees... in the middle of a corn the middle of nowhere.

Asa Caywood is related to Andrew (the husband) in this way:

Asa Caywood (father of) > Leah (Caywood) Ward (mother of) > Margaret (Ward) Sparks (mother of) > Henrietta (Sparks) Boyce (mother of) > Dorothy (Boyce) Nelson (mother of) > Kevin Nelson (father of) > Andrew!

10 thoughts on “Sunday’s Obituary – Asa Caywood

  1. Thank you for posting this. I’m a descendent of Asa Caywood by his daughter Leah, and currently putting together a short bio of his life as part of a paper for my sister on our Cawood/Caywood connections.

    We’ve been tracing the roots of our ancestors with her working the maternal side and myself the paternal side. The Cawoods have been a real task as they have a documented history back to the 1200’s in Northern England.

  2. I checked my tree and Henrietta Sparks Boyce was my great-great-grandfather’s (Everett Loring Sparks) younger sister. I had her listed as married to a Forrest Boyce. Is that correct?

    • That is correct and if you need anymore help filling in the gaps from that part of the family (Henrietta and Forrest’s), just let me know. I can give you what I have.

  3. I was at my great uncle Forrest Rose Boyce’s funeral in Irvington. As was my father Cecil Rose Sparks. Great aunt Etta used to have the family tree that hung over Francis Marion’s bed. Do you have it?

    • James, about the tree, no. I wish I had it. That would be amazing. I should ask my father in law if he knows anything about it, as Etta was his grandmother. I might be contacting you for info one of these days as I am trying to fill in some holes. Thanks for commenting!

  4. You’re quite welcome: Leah Caywood Ward was one of my 3rd G-grandmothers. I’ve done quite a bit of research on the Caywood family through Asa Caywood, and currently live in the same area where our Caywood line began in the 1660s (Charles County/St Mary’s County MD.

    I was homeported at NAS Moffett Field with VP-19 from the spring of 1965 through the fall of 1969. Then with VP-46 from 1972-1977, and later worked there for COMPATWINGSPAC and ONI from 1985-1993.

  5. Could you please contact Cynthia Shelley and pass her my email address.
    We share a common ancestor, and may know each other from my active duty military time spent at Moffett Field Ca.

    Would love to hear from her.

    V/r Randy Sparks

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