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I have gotten a ton of hits on my site recently and when I check the search terms that people are using to find me a majority of them involve “Scranton lace” somehow. I thought that something must be causing this.  When I searched the web about it, I learned that a redevelopment project is in the works for this piece of history.  While I’m kind of sad that no one will be able to wander this amazing piece of history and see the old loom cards, I am glad the building will not be knocked down. Here is the link to the newspaper article:

Scranton Lace Project Approved

On our last trip to Scranton we stopped by the site of the old Scranton Lace Company to see what we could see.  It actually looked like they had installed cameras, had guard dogs, and Andrew actually thought he saw a person walking around inside.  We did not attempt entry.  We did take some pictures of the exterior.

Entrance door to Scranton Lace with missing letters.

Super cool clock tower we were not expecting to see there. Loved this older portion of the building.

Well guarded. Cameras, signs, dogs (supposedly), Oh My!

6 thoughts on “Update on Scranton Lace

  1. i was recently in there and was walking around multiple parts of the warhose untill i heard a radio and thougth someone was ther so i investigated and found lock entrees fron da inside to the area were thry installed cameras i heard no guard dogs tho and i was inside

    • Interesting. Was it similar looking to the pictures that the photographers took that I posted the link to? I think those were taken about 2 years ago and I’d be interested in if anything had been done to it.

  2. PLEASE ! Its my life dream to go into this building , i would pay $1,000,000,000 to go in !!!!!! All i wanna do is go in ! im 14 years old , when i was young i lived by this building , i always told my mom i wanted to go in ! just dont tear it down ! i wanna just walk around it , see whats its like

  3. My great-grandfather worked as a carpenter at this lace factory and developed an improved way to cut thread. He retired in 1926. His son worked there as a foreman. I discovered this too late. The place had already closed, but the recent pictures are haunting.

  4. I happened upon your blog by accident. I live in Scranton and have been in the lace factory many times as a child when it would open for sales. Ironically, there was just a fire there about a week ago. I’m not sure the extent of the damage, but it doesn’t sound promising. If you need any help with Scranton info … let me know.

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